Meet Lord Flashheart!

We adopted another cat from a local rescue shelter last weekend. This is Lord Flashheart, Flash for short:

He wasn't treated well by his previous owner, so he's really small for his age (5) and has loads of almost-bald bits where he had so many fleas. He is very talkative, loving and attention-seeking, and acts like he has lived here forever.  Miskit is behaving really well, although she hisses if he gets within a couple of feet of her. I think she's more upset about being stuck in the house for a couple of weeks until we can let Flash outside.

Within 2 days he was letting me stroke his tummy, and has for some reason fallen in love with my ukulele case.

Exciting news about my embroidery patterns (exciting to me, anyway)

My bee/flower pattern is currently the second best-selling free embroidery pattern on Craftsy! I have no idea where it was featured, but lots of people seem to have downloaded it yesterday.
It was originally part of the Bugs & Fishes flower tutorial linkup, there are loads of other lovely tutorials and patterns here.

Yorkshire Road Trip

Last week  my boyfriend and I went went on a trip up to Yorkshire for a track day (spectacularly unimpressed with both Croft circuit and Javelin Events, but at least I got a lot of cross stitching done after I decided it was too unsafe for me to drive round the track, grrrrr). We decided to take a few days for it so it felt like a mini-holiday.

We stopped part of the way there so we didn't have to drive for 6 hours solid, and went to the OK Diner on the A1. It's an 50's American-themed restaurant that does gorgeous burgers and the best strawberry milkshake I have ever tasted, so good that we went back for breakfast the next day. I was also really impressed with the new Travelodge beds, so spectacularly comfy that I'm thinking of buying the same mattress for home.

The next day we went to Stump Cross Caverns in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. I went on a guided tour of some caves in Derbyshire a few years ago, this was very different... We just paid and were sent down some steps after putting helmets on. We were pretty much the only people down there, which was a bit terrifying! I kept wondering if we would ever be found if we fell over and broke our legs... Some of the passages were quite low and narrow so I had to keep concentrating on the gorgeous surroundings and took lots of photos.

I saw that the next photo looked like there was a demon in the rocks, but when I looked without my camera I could no longer see it....

On the way there we seemed to drive along the Tour De France route - so much knitted jumper bunting!

I fell a little bit in love with Yorkshire - the views were breathtaking. Even the clouds seemed more interesting than down South.

I'm sure if I lived in the middle of nowhere I'd end up really bored and lonely, but the thought is still really appealing. Maybe I need to win the lottery and buy a holiday home (and a teleporter).